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Charleston Style Limo is the WORST limo service ever! We've had an appointment set up for months, even as of yesterday I was making sure all the details were set and when the van-shuttle-limo-bus-thingy came up it was a COMPLETELY different vehicle with a COMPLETELY different driver (despite them knowing we were going on base) who was beyond rude to all of us: smart-mouthing everyone and when I called him to make sure he was coming (he was late picking us up from prom) he kept repeating "hello" overtop of me again and again and then he left his "water" in the back which OF COURSE spilled all over me and THEN we find out he's not even from the same company, Charleston Style Limo sub-contracted out our limo to A Fe Fi Limo Service without telling us.

The van was SHORT seats so we had to fake having seatbelts as we came on base because it's ILLEGAL to do so (EIGHT people to a SIX person van) and his left tail light was out (which he KNEW and hadn't fixed) and was making right turns in left turn only lanes and horrible driving overall. I would NEVER recommend Charleston Style Limo OR A Fe Fi Limo Service based on their complete lack of professionalism.

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I talked to CSL and I now give them some credit for trying to make things right. They were stuck between a rock and a hard place so they had to go to A Fe Fi Limo Service at the last minute when their own van broke down.

So I now dismiss CSL as the 'worst limo ever' and still say to look at A Fe Fi Limo Service as such. They have no real website (no pictures, no driver names, just an area that says 'We Drive Limos' and another that takes your money (David from AFFLS also convinced some of the parents to give him $20 each as a 'drop off fee'.

And I can't believe I forgot to mention the smell! When we stepped into the van, the smell of beer was overwhelming.

We were so surprised that through it all we made it through security! But my friend did have to leave the van and ride with a prom-goer we met at the restuarant (we had someone on the floor and four people crushed into the back seat).


The reserved van broke down just today, and the customer was inaccessible to notify of changes. Job was contracted out, however the agreed plan was not followed by Fe Fi Limo.

The owness falls on us, and CSL has offered free limo service or a partial refund to the customer.

We immediately contacted customer to try to make everything right just as soon as we found out what happened. I promise we are not the "worst limo company ever" and have been happily transporting customers for over 10 years now.

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